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 Meet Dr. Ashley Crampton



Dr. Ashley


“My goal is to help people reach their true potential. My sister was affected by severe scoliosis, and when I found out that chiropractic could help her, I applied to chiropractic college. It wasn’t until the day that I graduated however, that it became my mission to help people reach their potential before they’re ever told that drugs are their only option, or that surgery is their last. I know that by removing the interference in a person’s immune system, people are able to restore health and prevent from ever getting disease in the first place!”


Dr. Ashley graduated in June 2013 from the fountainhead Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa with her doctorate in chiropractic, and a bachelors in science. She has worked in multiple offices across the country from Chicago- where she is from, to Denver where she held her preceptorship, to an office in Naples, Florida for high level training post-graduation.