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About Elevation Health

Helping You Elevate Your Health

Ladies night at Elevation Health.

Ladies night at Elevation Health.

When most people think about their health, they think about how good they feel. True health, however, is more than that. It’s about how your body is functioning – what’s going on inside. The team at Elevation Health wants you functioning at 100% to live the life of your dreams!

Elevation Health has set itself apart from your average health care provider or chiropractic office. The team focuses on the health of the whole person, not just their symptoms. Through corrective care, exercises, nutrition and education, patients are taught how to ensure their own superior results.

Ours Is a True Family Practice

The team at Elevation Health not only loves caring for pregnant women and children, but loves to serve the entire family regardless of age. Patients are regularly educated about the importance of ongoing chiropractic care and also provided the opportunity to learn about nutrition, exercise, healthy cooking, and so much more!

Patients Are the Greatest Doctors

When you become a patient, you become a part of the Elevation Health family. The goal is helping patients to realize and understand the true definition of health. Health is the body functioning at 100% and nothing more! If the body is functioning less than 100%, it is developing sickness and disease. The only thing that causes this in your body is subluxation. Chiropractors are the only doctors educated and certified in the area to find where the subluxations are in your body and correct them through true scientific and specific chiropractic care.

By removing subluxations, the entire body can get signals from the brain, restore full function of the body and allow healing to take place. You will learn to take responsibility for your own health so you don’t have to fear sickness. Our philosophy is to find the true cause of your health problem and remove the interference, thus allowing your body to work at 100%. You get real, lasting results through simple, proven life-changing solutions. Most importantly, you are empowered to become the doctor in your own health, allowing you to make decisions that will be fundamental in achieving life-transforming results.

Dr. Patti notes that “it’s very fulfilling to see someone understand their body can and will heal itself when subluxation is removed. My patients are their own greatest doctors. I’m just there to remove the interference that stands between them and their good health. When patients get that, they’re more empowered to take control of their health!”

Want to learn more about how to elevate your health? Call our office today at (303) 756-9799.