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Please see the information we have compiled below for your use!

Over the years, we have met a number of wonderful people that we would love to connect you with. We also utilize a variety of products that we believe you would benefit from as well! Please let us know if you have any questions about anything that you find on this page, as we would be happy to assist you!

The Elevation Health Team

H2O At Home – Cindy Whatley 303-328-7146

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist – Cathy Jones, RCST 303-504-3600

MomTrainer – Sarah Ann Kelly 978-505-9465

Homebirth Midwife – Maren Wood, CPM, RM 303-829-6941

Organo Gold – Randall Lasselle 720-275-4616

Higher Living Journey, Poofy Organics, Purium Products – Jodi Parker 303-503-1204

Mile High Diaper Bank 720-837-2437


Revolution Dog Training – Julie Attabiani, Certified Master Dog Trainer 518-882-7055

Green Cleen – Laura Strange 720-276-9686

Clowning – Frank “Whuffo” Bair 720-375-6840

Rethink Industries – Michael Muro 303-854-4587

Baczewski Luxury – Alfonso Gonzalez 303-379-9365

Eyes of the World – Salina or Frank Leslie 303-282-5427

O’Sullivan Law Firm – Scott O’Sullivan 303-388-5304

Blessed Beginnings Wellness, LLC – Allison Emery, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. 720-980-1562 | |

Orange Theory Fitness – Kaitlyn Monnette 303-757-8888

Roots Medical – Tracy Wolfe Family Nurse Practioner 303-481-8079

Kids Running America – Kerry Vargo 303-917-1002

She Believed Birth Services – Amanda Fairrington 720-297-2112

Gymboree – 303-743-7529

IDK-oaching, LLC – Tamara Krouse Health Coach 720-885-7918

Kids Choice Dental, Vision, Braces – 303-476-6233

Denver Birth Services – Katrina Aspnes 303-956-0352, Krystal Bruchs  303-345-7041

Doula Sarah & Company – Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Care, Family care and Support