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Elevation Health Reviews


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The Benefits of Tonal Integrative Correction

My Experience Has Been Truly Amazing

Thank you for all your support, patience and willingness to help me so quickly with my back issues! You not only provide a service, but do so with an open heart. My experience has been truly amazing, and I look forward to healing and growing with you on my journey to better health.

-Michael G.

Looking Forward To Working With Dr. Patti

I am really looking forward to working with Dr. Patti and the others. I am very hopeful that this group will be able to help me get the healing I’ve been seeking for almost 12 years. I am very happy to have found Dr. Patti at the 8 News health fair.

-Beth J.

Positive Impact Adjustments Have Made In Final Weeks Of Pregnancy

Everything I’ve experienced thus far at Elevation Health has been such a positive experience. All of the staff are so welcoming and have made me feel like family. They have also been so accommodating with my 2 year old while I get adjusted, which is such a huge blessing and relief! Not to mention, I can feel the positive impact that my adjustments have had in my final weeks of pregnancy. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know!

-Nikki F.

A Hopeful Patient

I am extremely hopeful that the team at Elevation Health will be able to help my body heal.

-Patrice S.

Truly Amazing

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia before I had meet Dr. Patti. Which I was skeptical about. I had pressure and pain running through my neck and chest and really bad left back pain. They listened to what I said and when I saw my xrays Dr.Patti explained why I was having the pain I was having. It made sense. They started right away. Two weeks later my pain and pressure is going away in my neck, I have more energy and I have a better outlook on my physical and mental health as a whole. Truly amazing! I have been blessed and so has my family! Thank you Elevation!

-Laura S.

Extremely Impressed

You guys have been great! You are professional yet very warm and inviting. Very knowledgeable staff which instills great confidence in me that I will get the care I desire. I have been to many practices and I am extremely impressed and thrilled with Dr. Patty and her staff!

-Kristin D.

The Best Care I’ve Received from a Doctor!

I began seeing Dr. Patti shortly after I had my first baby. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, muscle aches, migraines, neck aches and low back pain.

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Prior to becoming pregnant I dealt with infertility with hormone imbalance. I had to use very expensive and fairly invasive fertility treatments to get pregnant. To combat the migraines, I have tried pain meds, migraine meds and other drugs but they were only temporary relief. I also tried herbal remedies, which helped to an extent, but again did not get to the root of the problem. The migraines mixed with the extreme fatigue left me unable to care for my son the way I wanted to. I wanted to be active with him, yet I could barely hold him because my arms felt so weak. I had no energy to even leave the house so my social life began to suffer.

Once I started seeing Dr. Patti, I noticed an improvement in my strength and slowly over time, my energy started to improve and I was thinking more clearly. With her help in guiding me through dietary changes and exercises, my migraines drastically improved. The pain in my lower back is almost gone and I can walk longer distances without pain. I have also noticed improved fertility signs where they were nonexistent prior to getting pregnant. With Dr. Patti’s help, I hope to regain full fertility without the use of drugs and conceive my 2nd child naturally. Dr. Patti has been has been a lifesaver for me. I would not have been able to care for my son the way I was feeling yet Dr. Patti brought life back into me. I love her approach and the fact that she is “on call” for any patient at any time. You cannot find this kind of care and devotion with any other doctor! I will continue to bring my entire family to see her and maintain my health for years to come.

Thank you Dr. Patti!
-Natalie M.

Hope Renewed…More energy & no more pain!

When this journey began, I had reached my boiling point. I’ve had neck and back pain for years- I could always shake it off or work through it- but a year ago, I started to get new injuries while compensating for the pain. It also started to interfere with my sleep quality and energy. I’ve gone to physical therapy, other chiropractors, yoga, meditation, massage, and endless amounts of Ibuprofen – all with temporary relief.

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For many years, I pushed through the pain. Understanding it would only get worse with inaction, something had to change. I was out of ideas until Dr. Patti did a community outreach talk at a work meeting. The timing was serendipitous.

I began care in the office and after a handful of weeks I stopped taking allergy medicine, am sleeping better, have almost no pain in my neck, and have more energy. This experience has given me hope- hope that the pain I’ve grown so accustomed to might actually go away. Dr. Patti is a caring, knowledgeable, and respectable HEALTH care professional. I am so excited to see all the ways this process will continue to change my life.

Thank you!
-Katelyn R.

Eliminated All Medications

When my wife and I met Dr. Patti at a health seminar she was teaching, I was tired; I had frequent headaches, constantly limping from a hip injury, and was on too many medications.

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After the first adjustment I quit using my cane and within three weeks I was off all of my medications. I now have more energy and am able to do the things I want to do.

I also recently just had a check up for my glaucoma and the doctor could find no sign of any disease in my eyes!

Thank you Dr. Patti!
-Ken M.

I’m Eating Healthier

I feel so much better since I’ve met Dr. Patti. She has helped me gain more energy to do the things I need to get done at home. She’s shown me how to cook healthier meals, shop for better foods and to make sure that the ingredients are healthy.

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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes for 15 years ago, suffered with Sleep Apnea for 4-5 years; I was always tired and irritable. The exercises that Dr. Patti gave me help me feel excellent, I don’t have headaches, and my outlook on life is better. She is a Godsend. She is an excellent mentor, friend, and adviser. She cares about her patients and their well-being, and is always willing to help in any areas of concern. This is “Touched By An Angel” in real life!

-Arlene M.

Fighting Cancer

When I first met Dr. Patti Gonzalez, I had been experiencing pain and tension in the back and shoulders for many years. This however, was the least of my problems… I was also suffering from endometrial cancer and treatment thus far had included a complete hysterectomy along with a second surgery to remove an additional tumor missed in the hysterectomy. Along with the surgery, I’d received highly focused radiation to treat the affected area. I was still facing additional chemotherapy treatment for the cancer and was searching for additional options for treatment and resisting the push into chemotherapy.

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A few days prior to my chemo port appointment, my friend Linda called to tell me about a seminar on cancer that was being offered by Dr. Patti’s office – her philosophy is to treat the whole body with focus on chiropractic treatment, physical exercise, and diet. That evening I learned others had been able to reverse cancer by improving spinal health, changing diet and supercharging their immune systems. I learned of a book that was to become extremely useful called “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”. I also set up an appointment with Dr. Patti to discuss my cancer and overall health and how I could strengthen my fight against cancer.

Dr. Patti used spinal x-rays to show areas contributing to poor nerve flow. We then set up a treatment plan designed to correct the spinal issues. I ordered the book “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out” and began following the dietary guidelines recommended in the book. At the onset of this diet, I weighed over 200 lbs. I followed the plan for 9 months and lost 80 lbs., completely transforming my body. My wardrobe had decreased 5 sizes in the past year and I was constantly replacing clothes! I also embarked on a regimen of intense corrective adjustments with Dr. Patti.

During this period of time I asked my oncologist to work with me while I followed the diet and worked to build my immune system to fight the cancer. I was able to postpone chemotherapy for 9 months – as I followed the diet, increased spinal correction, and monitored tumor growth. Unfortunately, the tumors began to grow – doubling in size, and I was forced to consider chemotherapy again. Between February and July of 2013 – I received 6 rounds of chemotherapy. My weight loss was continuing at a swift rate and I needed more energy to fight the cancer more effectively. Dr. Patti suggested I add organic free-range eggs and wild caught fish to my diet. At Dr. Patti’s suggestion, I added the protein to the diet and found it has helped to strengthen me in fighting the cancer.

My spinal correction with Dr. Patti has been very successful my body is adjusting to the changes and is holding the adjustments well. Nerve flow has been restored to the parts of my body that were previously blocked. Dr. Patti is a valuable part of my medical team and her concern, care, and advice have been on point and have assisted me as I maneuver my path back to achieving and maintaining excellent health.

Recent cat-scans has shown one area affected with cancer has disappeared, and almost all other areas are decreasing in size. This is fabulous news, in the past 3 years of fighting cancer! I’m hoping to find the next scan will reveal even more progress in eradicating cancer from my body. Dr. Patti remains a friend, trusted medical adviser, and treatment provider as I continue my journey back to health!

-Maureen M.

Debilitating Pain GONE, Living Life Again!

I have osteopetrosis, and have had it my whole life. I was diagnosed with it at a young age at the same time my father and older brother were diagnosed. Osteopetrosis is a hereditary condition that causes increased density and thickening of the bones. Complications from osteopetrosis can arise and increase, as you grow older with it.

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This is a hereditary condition that won’t ever go away, and there is no surgery or anything I can do to get rid of it. There are however, things I’ve tried to address some of the symptoms. Massage might help for a day or so, but the pain soon returns. Pain medicine does little for the pain but did help me sleep. However, I would wake up feeling groggy and in pain. I have spent a lot of time being on “auto pilot” and in pain. The problem with some of the things I’ve tried, is that nothing was sustainable or allowed me to live and function in the way I have always wanted.

With this condition it hurt to sit, stand, lay down, sleep, kneel, walk, sneeze, cough or anything else you can think of. I never felt rested and always felt groggy from the pain medicine. This obviously affected my work performance, and I had no motivation for hobbies, social life or exercises.

My father, mother referred me to your office. My father, mother and siblings are also patients at your office. The results have been life changing. I can now sleep, kneel, walk, sneeze and cough without hurting myself. I feel more rested and alert. The constant pain I have lived with is now drastically reduced. My work performance has improved and I am looking into an exercise plan and routine to fit my lifestyle. I’m going to start playing the guitar again as well.

I am amazed and thankful for the results. I feel like I can actually do some things I didn’t think I could before. Life no longer feels like a physical burden. However, I do realize that I need to work to maintain the benefits so far, and to continue improving. It requires a lifestyle change. I need to continue doing the stretching and exercises given to me by your office. I need to make dietary changes you’ve talked about and continue taking my supplements.

Thank you for everything!
-Patrick M.

No Longer on Steroids For Pain!

Before I began Chiropractic care, I was suffering from lower back pain for 10 years and had a dermatological condition on my hands for 5 years. I was having steroid shots in my lower back and going to physical therapy. Nothing was helping me. I lost my ability to work out, run and I was not able to do my job.

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It also became more difficult for me to take care of my nieces and nephews without feeling the pain later. When I met Dr. Patti at my work, she educated us on the ergonomically correct posture and spine health. My life dramatically changed since that day, I now have more energy to work, be with my family, run and work out. I no longer get steroid shots and I am no longer contemplating surgery. Also, the skin condition on my hands cleared up. Dr. Patti and her team treat you like family and they truly care about your well-being and wants to help you optimize your health.


I Feel More Flexible!

I was seeing other Chiropractors and taking steroid shots for my lower back problems, stiffness, carpal tunnel, and my flexibility. I wasn’t seeing any lasting results.

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I was having trouble working on my computer for my job and it slowed me down from my daily activities. When I met Dr. Patti, her approach to Chiropractic care is much different than what I’ve seen in the past. She has opened up my eyes to how my body really works and how everything is interconnected. I now have more energy, I feel more flexible and now lower back problems, my wrist is better with no more pain and no more steroid shots! Dr. Patti’s enthusiasm and her persistence are helping others and me!


No More Depression

I was in such pain that it affected everything in my life. I couldn’t sleep, my moods and energy levels were low, and my family and my business were falling apart. I was suffering with severe neck, upper back pain, and depression.

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I had seen other Chiropractors in my life but none of them have changed my life like Dr. Patti has. Over the past 9-12 months Chiropractic Care has dramatically changed my life. I did have relapses and was in severe pain in between adjustments to feel the deep healing, each with less and less negative symptoms and no depression in several months. I have been able to sleep much better too. In my opinion about my care, Dr. Patti has saved my life. I am happier, healthier and able to run my business and my family. I’ve had zero depression since last year. She is a woman on a mission and I consider her my primary care.

-Tamzen K.

No More Migraines

I was getting migraines at least every other day. I also had menstrual problems that ended up putting me in the hospital every few months because of the pain, headaches, fainting, and ect. This dramatically influenced my school attendance, grades and performance, along with my job. I would also cancel plans with friends because I felt so sick.

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I’ve tried Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, Birth Control, Pamprin, Ibuprofen, and exercise (although I’ve always exercised daily.) Nothing was helping until I met Dr. Patti at my internship. I had never seen a Chiropractor before and she did an Evaluation on me. Since I started my adjustments, I have only had two minor headaches. I haven’t missed any class or work for feeling sick, and I’ve had two menstrual cycles that had NO effect on me (I’m only on my 3rd month of adjustments!) Dr. Patti is like my second mom. She is so caring and invested in my progress. I’ve never felt rushed or not heard. She is always there for me and I know she truly cares.

-Kelly F.

Now Able To Open My Mouth

I am thrilled beyond words for all Dr. Patti has done for me! When I met her, I suffered from TMJ and my jaw was almost completely closed. I had difficulty in eating, chewing, talking, and singing.

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Doctors recommended surgery for me, consisting of, breaking my jaw and wiring it shut for 6 to 9 months. I said, NO WAY!!! Dr. Patti has been able to release 75% of my TMJ. I can eat almost anything now; sing and speak comfortably, and most important I can now brush my teeth! I have no pain and no locking down of my jaw. I have and will always recommend Dr. Patti every chance I get, her staff is great too!

-Don L.

No More Pain Killers

My particular condition was pain in my neck and knee. The neck pain began in March 2014, when I sprained my neck. The knee pain has been there for over 3 years. I tried different types of pain killers and have used different massage creams and ointments.

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I went to physiotherapy, but had no good results. I was really finding it difficult to carry out my normal daily activities. I was not able to drive because of my neck. I could not turn it to the right or left, but now I can drive.

I found out about Elevation Health through your community outreach and started care and I have gotten positive results quickly. My health has really improved. The pain in the neck is much better. The knee is improving. Other health conditions in my life have also improved. I can even read now without glasses, I have not done so for a long time and I don’t take any more pain killers.

I was really impressed the very first day I entered your office. I felt happy and hopeful from the reception to seeing the doctors. The Doctors encouraged me and told me that I was in the right place and today, 2 months after, I agree that I stepped into the right place.

I thank you very much.

-Patricia M.

Severe Neuropathy and Early Glaucoma

I was diagnosed a few years ago with early glaucoma and I have suffered with neuropathy in my feet for at least 5 years. Before I met Dr.Patti, I had seen other doctors that just didn’t give me the results I needed. Since I’ve been in her office, my eye doctor told me that I no longer have glaucoma, and my neuropathy has decreased causing me to no longer wake up in as much pain. Thank you Dr. Patti!

-Ray R.

Symptom Free

I suffered from Reflux for 15 years and my M.D. told me that I would be taking Prilosec, Zantac, TUMS, and Baking Soda for the rest of my life. I had intense abdominal pain and vomiting. After meeting Dr. Patti at a Spinal Screening, my symptoms reduced, and 2 months after I began Chiropractic Care I was symptom free and I haven’t taken any reflux medications since. Dr. Patti is always positive and encouraging. I can’t say enough good things about her and the results she has given me.

-Frank B.

Finally got Relief

Dr. Patty has really helped me heal. After 15 years of fighting sciatic pain, I finally got relief. My back is almost realigned and I feel great.

-Russel V.