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Getting Started at Elevation Health

Our practice focuses on specific, scientific corrective chiropractic care. We use a “whole person” approach, taking into consideration nutrition, exercise, and education in order to effect positive changes in our patients’ health. We’ll be honest and tell you if your concerns are something we’re able to correct. It’s simple – you just need to go through our New Patient Application process where we’ll let you know if we can get you results. If not, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Our goal is to find the underlying cause of your health concern, remove any interference and allow your body to function and heal at 100% so you can reach your potential and fulfill your purpose.

Your First Visit at Elevation Health

During your initial visit, we will collect a variety of information from you in order to assess your current condition and whether you are a good candidate for care in our office.
For your convenience, we’ve provided you with the New Patient Application forms here, to be completed before your initial appointment.You’ll complete your paperwork, and the doctor will interview you regarding your current health and your medical history. Together you’ll discuss your goals for your health and the expectations for your care. We also want to know what your vision is for your life and what is stopping you from reaching it. If it is required, we will take digital X-rays right on site to gather additional information and find the cause of your problem.

Returning for Your Follow up

When you return to our office for your second visit, you’ll come to a recommendations report. At this appointment, we will discuss the power of chiropractic, and review the digital X-rays taken on you.We’ll explain the cause of your problem and how we can help to fix it. If you feel like you’re committed to doing what it takes to get the results you want, we’ll give you your first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment and accept you as a patient.

Corrective visits will start with an orientation to help patients understand how to navigate the office. On a normal appointment, most patients arrive to the office, complete their warm up exercises, and receive their adjustment, all in about 30 minutes. You’ll also receive a home care kit from us so you’re able to help your own healing while you’re at home.

Learning More about Your Care

We are committed to providing patients with as much information as we can about ways to elevate their health through chiropractic! Monthly workshops and classes, as well as numerous other educational opportunities help patients supplement their care and improve their results. These opportunities include nutrition and exercise consults and re-education through the re-examination process.

When you understand how your care is working for you, you are able to obtain better results. Call (303) 756-9799 to schedule your consultation and begin elevating your health today!